Where in the World is Denise Milano?

Dear Friends,

Many have been asking, "Where is Denise? Where is the shop?" We are excited to provide you with an update on the talented, Denise Milano. With over 30 years of experience in the fashion and design industry, the designs of Denise Milano are diverse, eye catching and elegant. Whether creating a traditional European space or updating a room to give it a more modern feel, Denise’s work is profound and reflects her undeniable talent. In 2005, Denise brought her design flare to East Mesa by opening a design firm and boutique, Coco Milanos, named after her beloved dog, Coco. The Coco Milano Boutique and Design Team were an iconic part of the East Valley, helping East Mesa’s elite to design their living spaces reflective of their life and style. As the business grew, so too did Denise’s footprint in the world of design. She expanded the reach of Coco Milano far beyond the East Valley and across the state and into California.

After 13 years, Denise’s design business has evolved. If you are driving in the East Valley you will no longer see the iconic Coco Milano brick and mortar boutique. Today the Internet has made it possible to shop online for exquisite gifts once sold at Coco Milanos. Stepping away from the retail side of things has allowed Denise to focus primarily on the design aspect of the business. With the shift in focus came the need to rename and rebrand this talented entrepreneurs’ work and in the spring of 2018 Denise launched Denise Milano Design.

At Denise Milano Design, the name of the business may be different, but Denise’s passion and talent remain the same. Denise Milano's designs have been featured in multiple magazines across the Valley. Most notably Denise’s work has appeared in many issues of Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, making the cover on multiple occasions. You can see her designs displayed in homes across the states of Arizona and California. What makes Denise Milano Design a cut above is the dedication and time given to getting to know each client and understanding their specific needs. Each client request is executed flawlessly and professionally so dreams become reality.

We look forward to hearing from you and hearing about your new projects.

Kind regards, 
Denise Milano Design

An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.
— Charlotte Moss

Colorful Kitchens

by Denise Milano design

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Say goodbye neutral and hello to color! For many, the thought of draping the kitchen in color is cause for uneasiness. The fear…. What if you paint your kitchen a beautiful shade of green and six months later, aren’t quite feeling the attachment to the color you once loved? First things first, you aren’t married to the color and nothing is permanent. With a little paint and some elbow grease, you can change the room completely. 

We have all seen these beautiful pictures in magazines and on Pinterest of kitchens with gorgeous green cabinets or amazing cornflower blue walls. Have you caught yourself thinking, “I could never do that?” Doubt no more! These few easy tips will allow you to bring color into your world and venture out of comfort:

1. Choose a shade you love

2. Balance bright colors with neutrals in very specific areas. 

3. Be strategic in the placement of color

4. Take advantage of the natural light. 

5. Strategically Placed Color You Love

So you are ready to add some color to your kitchen, but you aren’t ready to throw caution to the wind? No problem. Try a shade of blue. Blue is pleasing to both men and women and offers so many options. Limit the use of the color to a specific section of your cabinets or a specific area of the space. Kitchen islands are perfect for this and are a great place to pop in some color without covering too much of any one area. Another idea is consider painting the wall that houses your appliances.  Pull in a white or a neutral color in places like countertops or tile to balance the colorful walls or cabinets and you’ve got a beautiful look that is inviting rather than overwhelming.

Back to Black

Let’s talk about black. Can you imagine black cabinets in your kitchen? Well start daydreaming because black cabinets are gorgeous and very doable. With careful selection of the shade (yes, there are shades of black), you can create a look that delivers the effect of black, but adds a hint of color. Blue-black is a great example of this. Pair this with a neutral or natural wood tones in flooring or in various accents and you’ve got a rich and warm place to spend some time.

Lights, Camera, Kitchen!

Regardless of the color you choose or where you choose to use it, an important and easy thing to do is take advantage of any natural light in the room you are decorating. Natural light helps diffuse color and make the area more cheerful. Home is where the heart is and the kitchen is often the heart of the home.

However, you decide to use color in your kitchen - with a bold wall that houses appliances, brightening up your kitchen island, or giving your cabinets a colorful face lift, make sure it reflects you.  The name of the game is choosing a color that makes you happy and creates a space in which you love to be. 

Don't be afraid to be BOLD!

Intro To Fall Outdoor Entertaining

by Denise Milano design

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Welcome Fall 2018! We’ve been patiently waiting for you. With the change in weather, we no longer have to deal with excessive heat warnings and being inside. As it is now fairly cool in the evenings, people are more inclined to spend time outside. This calls for a long-awaited patio update! Successfully entertaining doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking riddled with stress. Keeping these tips in mind when it comes to entertaining outdoors can relieve some of those stressors:

Keep Up With The Season

Making sure you update your outdoor space along with your indoor space can be a nice addition to the change in the season. Adding gourds and pumpkins to your interior decorations can be a very exciting and welcomed change to start off the holiday season, so why not bring this outdoors? A few simple things such as adding a fall wreath to the front door and some pumpkins or fall florals to your patio tables, can make the space change with the season without doing a complete makeover.       

Adding Rugs To Your Space

Did you know adding an indoor-outdoor rug can change the entire feel of your outdoor space? Rugs are not just for the indoors. They come in patterns and materials that are perfect for withstanding the elements all while warming up a space and making it feel very cozy. A rug literally can create a room like setting even in a space that is outside.

Rugs are a simple way to:

  1. define your space

  2. complete the look of your space

  3. add color and personality

  4. make the space seem like a room

  5. makes the space seem more intimate and inviting

Lions, Tigers, and Pillows!

Summer sun and heat can make outdoor furniture fade prematurely. That doesn’t mean you need to run out and purchase an all new outdoor set. Try brightening up the space with new cushions and new pillows. The old will look new and you won’t break the bank. Pillows like rugs come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. Have fun, be creative, and do something different.

Liven Up With Linens!

Tablecloths are fantastic, but other things like towels and throws can make for a more interesting table. When you break with tradition and use different things to dress your table, you will find you can create an amazing feel that matches the theme of your party or gathering. Some tips for selecting linens for your party table.

  1. Go with the current season

  2. Place things at an angel

  3. Break from tradition

  4. Add interest with texture, layers, and items like tassels

It’s Time For A Floral Change

You do not have to spend tons of money to bring a fresh flare. You can cut trimmings from your own year if need be. Nothing needs to be complex. Simple, bright, and fresh. You can’t go wrong. Making sure you are updating your florals outdoors as well as indoors is a great way to make sure that your decor stays current and has a little something extra every time you are entertaining guests.

Invest in Harvest

By Denise Milano Design

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For most of us our Halloween decorations are down and put away until next year. Although Christmas is right around the corner, the harvest season is not quite over. Decorating for the harvest season can be tricky at times because you want to avoid Halloween-related decor and hold back on the Christmas feel.

Here are a few simple ideas that will allow you to enjoy from now until Thanksgiving and then with a few adjustments, right through the holidays. 

Ever Green with Evergreens

Potted evergreens look great from November 1st through the New Year. You can have them alone or you can use them along with other decorations to create your specific seasonal look. Pine topiaries are always a winner if you are looking for something more unique. Using evergreens for Thanksgiving? Just place a few pumpkins and natural cotton clippings on top of the greenery on the center of your table. If you are done with pumpkins for the year, you can substitute apples or squash as a harvest option. Want more of a harvest transition to Christmas look? Throw in some pinecones or maybe some deep red flowers to your current harvest theme. Simple potted evergreens will also work beautifully on their own with to decorative enhancements. You can also place the potted evergreens inside or outside. 

When the cold rolls in and you are ready to decorate for the holidays, simply remove the pumpkins. Then you have the option to let the evergreens do the work and stand-alone for a simple holiday look or you can add some interest by using such things as battery powered candles or pinecones. These are all great ways to change your home with the season using very little time, energy and money spent. 

The Perfect Wreath

When adding a holiday flare to your front door, you have the option to find a wreath or make your own. A great way to save time and money is to create something the blends from fall into winter. Selecting the right foliage is the key to having the perfect transitional wreath. Trying a variety of evergreen like boxwood or magnolia would be something that truly will work season to season. 

If you find a wreath that has seasonal decorations in it choose one with decor that either can work well into winter or that can be removed easily and swapped for something more “wintery.”  A bow and leaves are the best example of this. A bronze bow and fall leaves are perfect accents to create a fall wreath. Simply change the color bow and switch leaves for pinecones or pine needles and you’re ready for winter without having to completely overhaul your wreath. 

For those of you that don’t want to create your own wreath and can’t find the perfect store-bought wreath, visit the ‘Contact Us’ tab on our website homepage and we will build you a perfect and personalized wreath to work for both fall and winter.

Cozy Up With Fall

Using candles and a throw in your outdoor seating area to warm up the space can be a great way to bring the harvest warmth of your home to the outdoors. Find colors that reflect the season and incorporate them through pillows, throws, and centerpieces. Using flameless candles and artificial florals can be an easy way to ensure that your outdoor space will be able to endure the colder seasons. 

Making your outdoor space inviting during the winter can allow you and your guests to enjoy the cooler weather and can give you a new setting to spend quality time in.